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ORMAMAIL, S.L. is an entrepreneurial concept that was born in 1991, when the company acquired the quality of Commercial Agent of Correos (Postal Service in Spain) with a specific objective: offer the most complete service, facilitating the access to postal services for all our clients.

Located in the Polígono Industrial Centrovía of La Muela (Zaragoza, Spain), we have the best and the most advanced technical and human mediums at disposal and we will advise you about the management of your shipments and your communication.

25 years of constant growth with important investment in technology and human capital. 25 years without losing the very first day objective, reaffirming ourselves in a philosophy of an integral and personalized service.

Whatever the size or the budget, every clients has his own proper needs and require being advised specifically and responsibly. We offer to our clients management solutions for their shipments and their communication (ORMAMAIL doesn’t delegate any operation to subcontractors).

Would you like to learn more about what we can do for your company? Contact us!

We are certified and fulfil all the requirements established by the LOPD (Data Protection Law). Every year we are audited and we sign a contract of confidentiality for every realisation that we do.

Personalised your loyalty program by age/sex/job… We enjoy the best tools to combine those data with unique designs.

ONE TO ONE Marketing (also called personalised marketing) is key for efficient results. Your communication will use a material including the name, address, barcode, etc., matching with the recipients.
Printing-personalisation, lettershop-mailing, flowpack, review’s packaging, catalogues, publication… You can do everything you want with ORMAMAIL!
The best presentation for your corporate catalogue or review ensure you the attention and then the loyalty of the customer. Our packaging system is adapted to your needs, whether it is a mere transparent bag or a personalised to participate to the brand image.
As a Correos (Spanish postal services) Commercial Agent, we ship your stamped letters following the official rates of Correos. In the case that you actually have an agreement for pre-stamped letters, we prepare your dockets and send them respecting the postal standards.
We take advantage of an optimal geographic localisation being part of the Polígono Industrial Centrovía-NII (2.000 m2) of La Muela (20km far from Zaragoza), between Madrid and Barcelona. It allows us to store your communication materials and to optimise the costs of your communication campaigns.
We handle the shipment of mails or parcels from our logistic centre. Your shipments are dropped off daily to Correos Sorting Centre.
You can trust us, we know our job. Our priorities are quality and reliability at work. You can ask it to our clients or of course directly to us and we will be pleased to help you.
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