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Digital Printing

Digital printing of Letters, Envelopes, Brochures, Notices, Leaflets, Prospectus, Magazines, Flyers, Corporate Reviews, etc. using the last printing technologies, in colour and with high resolution.

We are specialist in printing with variable and customizable data and pictures.

Customized Digital Printing

We own the very last digital printing equipment for mailing and tools permitting us to realise shipments in a differenced and customized way. We use a unique design and we are able to put it on different material of different sizes depending the needs of the client.

We can both work with fully original printings or starting from pre-existing supports, either in colour or black and white. We offer the possibility to work with the own proper client’s design or adapting ourselves the design depending on the content provided. We manage the whole shipment process.

INK-JET Customization

We have customization tools at disposal thanks to the INK-JET technology. This one allow us to customize on different print media of various sizes the printings that our clients send us depending on their needs.


Maquinaria impresion digital
servicio de impresión digital

Postal services to companies for the management and home delivery of mails and parcels. As a postal operator, we deal with the whole process of your marketing campaigns. Possibility of outsourcing for big companies.

Accomplish with us your direct marketing or advertising mails campaigns. Ormamail owns the needed machines to achieve the whole process of an automatized mailing, reducing the costs and the delivery schedules by Correos.

FlowPack is the best available option for your catalogue or magazine. Thanks to this system you can be ensured of the attentions of your customers, their loyalty, and a high response rate to advertising campaigns.

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